This Is How I Find the Best House Cleaning Services Near Me!

Top 10 tips to find the house cleaning services near me

Today we will give you the top 10 tips to find the best house cleaning services near you. 


There are so many reasons to using a house cleaning service. A great cleaning service will:

  • Make sure your house is clean and hygienic
  • Save you time 
  • Help you organize and improve your mental state (that’s right! research shows a clean uncluttered house leads to a clean uncluttered mind – can you believe it?)

So how do you go about finding the best?

Just like in the courtroom scenes on TV, please allow me a little leeway as I try to explain and illustrate my point. 

First, how does a great house cleaning company clean a property?

When it comes to cleaning your house there is the right way and a wrong way. AND the best house cleaning services will ALWAYS DO IT THE RIGHT WAY.

That said, the right way to clean a house in your area might be different than in another city.

For example, in Denver, a knowledgeable cleaning company will suggest cleaning the windows in the spring after the winter snow has left spotty marks. That just makes sense, right?

On the flip side, an inexperienced cleaner might clean the windows right before a dust storm on the plains of Kansas.

Can you see the difference?


I wanted to find the best house cleaning services near me to make my life easier. This article helped me get it done quickly. Robin H, Chicago IL

A great house cleaning service will do it right and simplify your life.

We now know that the best cleaners will do it right and make your life easier. So back to the question at hand…

How do I find a cleaner that is going to do a great job on my house?

To find the best house cleaning service near you follow these 7 tips below. These are how you will find the best cleaner or cleaning service to get the job done, AND DONE RIGHT!

Table of Contents

House cleaning near me: Decide what type of cleaning service you actually need

Cleaners can be broken into commercial cleaners and residential cleaners. Today we are talking about residential cleaners however the same tips can be applied if you are needing a cleaner for your office or place of business.

There were just so many house cleaning services near me that I didn’t know which one to choose. having a simple plan to find one that meets all my needs took any guesswork out of it. I recommend this article to help you create a simple way to find the best cleaner in your area! Patricia T, Denver, CO

You need a cleaner for your home, rental or any other type of residence...

But what level of cleaning do you need?

Do you need a deep clean after a long dirty winter?

Do you need a service to show up on a regular basis? 

OR are you turning over a rental house?

Different cleaning situations need different cleaners. For example, if you are turning over a rental you will need a company that has the ability to remove large amounts of trash. Large amounts of junk being left behind by a renter are quite common and before the cleaning can begin you need them to remove it. There are cleaning companies that specialize in this. 

Conversely, if you are cleaning your primary residence you may look for a service with a little more attention to detail, finesse, and other qualities. 

Before you start searching for a cleaner you must put together a list of items you need to be cleaned. You must think about what is important to you. You don’t have to spend a long time because REMEMBER it’s not rocket science! However, the list will help guide your ultimate decision. 

Get recommendations from trusted people who have found cleaners previously.

If you can get a cleaner referral from a family member or friend that you trust that would be wonderful. If a friend has used the cleaning service and is willing to refer them that would suggest they do a good job right?

Unless of course you have been to your friend’s house and it is a mess!

Either way recommendations from people that you trust is a great way to find a cleaning company that will work out for you. You can get first-hand experience and testimonials from them that will help you inform your decision. 

Of course, don’t stop there. Add the recommended cleaner to your shortlist and be sure to do more digging. 

I asked my family if they knew any great house cleaning near me...

I asked my family and friends about house cleaning services near me and if they knew of any they would recommend. In a short time, I had 5 different cleaning companies on my list. David M, Tampa FL.

Get cleaning recommendations from trusted online business directories

Business directories are a fabulous place to find the best cleaner for sure!

The best companies in any service area, make a point of submitting their information to the best online directories for several reasons including:

  1. The directory is an opportunity for a customer to find them
  2. It gives them n opportunity to describe the services they provide
  3. The owners have the chance to illustrate the type of business they are and what is important to them (are they a local family-owned business or a national cleaning company?)

A business directory will also give you, the potential customer, the chance to see photos of houses they have cleaned and also reviews. 

Take note of details in the directory. Later on when you call the company to interview them be sure that the information is consistent. 

Can I trust online directories to find the best house cleaning services near me?

Just like there are reputable and trustworthy cleaning companies there are reputable directories also. The BBB is an example of a trusted resource to find local cleaning companies and in fact any type of real estate service provider. 

So yes. You can trust business directories to find a company that cleans houses in your area. 

An added bonus about directories is they bring all the cleaners together in one place for you to systematically rank and review!

I looked on a number of business directories when researching house cleaning services near me to clean my house. The BBB, Yelp, and Angi were just a few that I used. Steve W, San Diego CA.

Research the cleaning business by looking at reviews

Reviews are an important component when trying to find a cleaner for your home. 

We just mentioned business directories and these are a great source of reviews. Reviews give you more insight into how a business performs. You get to hear from previous customers. 

Does the company clean houses well? Do they listen to the customer and clean what needs to be cleaned?

The reviews will shed light on questions like these and more.

Of course, be sure to read each review with a small amount of skepticism. With the rise of the internet and the importance of reviews, it is possible that all of the reviews are not real. 

USEFUL RESOURCE: How to spot a fake review


House cleaning near me. This is how I checked their reviews

When finding house cleaning near me I verified reviews by asking to talk with previous customers. While I wasn’t able t talk to all the previous customers that had reviewed them I was able to get my own personal set of reviews and testimonials. In my mind, a great cleaning service near me should absolutely be willing to let me talk to previous clients.  Janice M , Avon IN

I Interviewed potential candidates on the phone when finding house cleaning services near me

Including 10 questions to ask when interviewing for a cleaning service

Once you’ve assembled a list of possible cleaning companies, I suggest that you make a quick call to each of your prospects and ask them questions based on what you need cleaning.

This is when you refer back to the list you put together earlier in regards to the type of cleaning service you need.

Recently when I was looking for a cleaner to clean my house I had the following questions:

  1. How important is it to your company that you show up on time?
  2. What are the top 5 things that you recommend I have cleaned each visit?
  3. How many cleaners show up for each cleaning?
  4. Do you perform background checks on all of your employees?
  5. How much do you charge for cleaning my house?
  6. Does your cleaning business have insurance?
  7. Can I give you the cleaning products that I want to be used in my house?
  8. Can they give you a list of previous clients that I can call and talk to?
  9. Will you take before and after pictures (I have a couple of rental houses and if I can’t be there this is how I verify the work was done satisfactorily).
  10. What makes you the best of the best of house cleaning services near me?

The last question may seem trivial however I feel that companies that give great service will be able to answer this question with confidence, honesty, and without too much BS! I want to hear answers like:

  1. We are the best cleaning company because we show up on time and we work hard.
  2. As the best cleaning service provider, we pay attention to details.
  3. We give all of our customers a clean house guarantee!

I really like it when a cleaning service is willing to guarantee their work. 

All the best cleaning services are bonded and insured

Anytime you bring a service into your house there is potential that they break something. 

For example, if you plan for them to dust your priceless Faberge Egg collection there is potential that one is bumped and broken. 

While any great company will be careful not to cause problems accidents do happen. Therefore you must make sure the cleaning service you choose has insurance to cover it.  

TRUE STORY!!! I once had a cleaner clean a property for us however they left the bathroom faucet running and there was a cleaning cloth in the sink. The sink, which was on the second level, overflowed. The cleaner was downstairs and did not realize the situation until water comes dripping down the wooden stairs. 

Of course, because I had followed my own advice on finding a great cleaning company, they did indeed have insurance. The insurance took care of everything. Just so you know I still use this company today. In fact they still clean the same property. 

A big reason I still use them today to clean my houses is they proved to me that they saw the mistake and implemented a policy to ensure it would not happen again. 

Home cleaning service providers must have insurance in case they break something


I don’t know about you but if I have a cleaner coming into my home dusting the expensive trinkets I need to know that they can cover any breakages or other accidents. 

For the record, I don’t own any Fabrige eggs but they are so gosh darn pretty aren’t they. 

The best are willing to admit when their wrong and make changes to avoid future mistakes

Using the example above: The owner was very quick to acknowledge they had made a mistake. Second, they apologized profusely. Next, they told me exactly how they were going to take care of the situation for me.

Finally, and I think this is the best part, they implemented a policy that was designed to prevent the same thing from happening again. 

In this case, it was simply to never ever walk away from a running faucet… EVER! 

As simple as this sounds the attention to making it right and ensuring it wouldn’t happen again made me like them as a cleaning company even more. 

AND REMEMBER… They had just flooded my house!


Be at home for the first few cleans to make sure your house is cleaned to your standard

A great cleaning company will save you time. A great cleaning company will not require any supervision. However, even if you chance upon the best on your first attempt, it is highly recommendable that you stay on-site for the first couple of cleanings.

Being at the house that is being cleaned will give the cleaner the chance to clarify anything about what you want to be cleaned. It will give you the chance to explain what is important to you too. 

Once you can trust them, and once they know they can trust you, and legitimate cleaning service will be more than happy to do the job without you being there. 

Ultimately the goal was to find several house cleaning services near me to clean my house and my friend’s houses that could work without us being there. I stayed at these for the first 3 cleanings and during this, I was able to answer any questions the cleaners had and also show them different things. After 3 cleanings they had covered the entire house, we had gone over so many details. and I was very comfortable leaving them on their own to clean.  Janet P, Kansas City MO

Bigger cleaning companies are not always better

A national company is not always better than a local company. And on the flip side, just because the cleaning business is local doesn’t mean they are better.

I would suggest that when you are choosing to hire a cleaning service that you once again refer back to what it is you need and want.

Some people prefer to work with a mom-and-pop-style family business and that is ok. Others prefer the “Nationals” as they enjoy brand recognition.


Local house cleaning services near you can be national or family-owned. To be considered a local cleaner they must provide cleaning services locally. Make sense?

Whichever cleaning provider you choose just make sure they can clean everything you need to be cleaned!


Local house cleaning services near me for residential

“Normally I like to work with family-owned and operated companies but when I was trying to find local hose cleaning services near me I couldn’t actually find any. I’m not sure if it’s because they want to list their cleaning business online, or what. In the end, I used a couple that was local however they worked for a national cleaning company. It worked out. Sarah V, Atlanta GA

Does the cleaning company offer some kind of guarantee?

I love guarantees. And even more than that I love them when they are in writing. 

My favorite is a satisfaction guarantee. 

I have had cleaning companies tell me that if I am not satisfied with the cleaning service they provide they will keep cleaning until I am. 

Some businesses maybe 

While some businesses may think customers will take advantage of this, the best cleaning companies can ensure this doesn’t happen by:

  1. Clearly defining what needs to be cleaned prior to starting.
  2. Talking with the customer about their cleaning expectations and putting them in writing
  3. Taking before and after shots as evidence of the cleaning service that has been performed.

These simple steps make sure that the house is cleaned properly, that the customer is happy, and finally that the clean house guarantee is not abused!

What do they charge to clean your house properly?

“Throw out the lowball bid,” I say. Certainly, if it is 50% less than all of the others.

I have seen the old bait and switch, “hold for ransom” tactic used in many situations. WHAT DO I MEAN BY THIS?


I arranged for a cleaning company to clean my house. I had done everything I needed to do to be comfortable they were going to be great! Not only that but they were only going to charge me half of what the other cleaners would! This is great I said!  When the company arrived they proceeded to tell me that they were going to have to charge more because of this, that, and the next thing. 

For example, the main bathroom was going to require a deep clean Which would be an extra $50. NOTE that I had sent them photos of all rooms to be cleaned for them to come up with a quote. 

I felt that the company was being dishonest and therefore they did not end up cleaning my house. I asked them to leave. 

So what did I learn?

If something is too good to be true it probably is. 

While using the cheapest service isn’t bad, be sure that what they plan to charge you makes sense. Just like Goldilocks and the 3 bears…

Not too much, not too little, but in the “just right” zone (which can be verified by comparing quotes across several cleaning businesses, right?)


Residential house cleaning services near me prices vary city to city.

When it comes to any real estate service it’s all about location location location, right? AND cleaning services are no different. 

If you are asking how much do residential house cleaners charge near me then a little digging online will go a long way. If for example, you need a cleaning of your house in Houston TX you can see up-to-date charges in several places. 

Need the know how much the best cleaners charge in Phoenix? You can find that out too. 

Remember these are just estimators. It’s not until the cleaning actually happens will you truly understand the true cost. 


BONUS TIP: Do they offer excellent customer service?

I think amazing customer service is highly underated. AND I base my customer service on something I call the Comcast effect. You know they tell you they are going to show up between 9 am and 5 pm (WTF – you want me to take the whole day off work) and then they don’t show up. Not only that but they don’t call to reset the appointment!

This can be so maddening!

When I take on a new cleaning service I want:

  • A friendly person that I can talk to on the phone.
  • A booking process that is easy (either online or on the phone).
  • Email or text confirmations of when the cleaning will take place. 
  • Followup confirmations that the cleaner is indeed still coming (maybe the day before).
  • They must respond to messages I leave.
  • They show up on time or let me know if they are running a few minutes late.

AND the list does go on.

Showing up on time doesn’t cost them anything. It tells me they respect my time and the fact they are serious about proving the best service.  


With so many places to search for and find someone to clean your house where do you start?

If you are still asking yourself, how do I find the best cleaning service for my house I highly recommend you go back to the start of this article.

I have used these tips to find the best of any service provider time and time again successfully.

When it comes to finding a great cleaning business to clean any property, THE FIRST THING I ALWAYS DO IS create a list of what I need to be cleaned. 

If nothing else defines what it is you need to be cleaned then let your fingers do the walking. That is get online and start doing some digging. 

Oh and by the way. If you do find a great cleaning service be sure to spread the word. Go online and write a review about them or register their cleaning service with a local directory so that other people can find them in the future.



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